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Carrie j.

Carrie Johnson, RYT-200, is an international blogger + explorer, mala designer + yoga teacher who is known for her thoughtful exploration of mindfulness, culture and physicality.

For over 10 years, Carrie had a successful career in biology and she co-authored six peer-reviewed scientific publications. Now, Carrie infuses her yoga classes with sound, scientific principles as well as experimentation in each yoga sequence she creates for her students.

website :: TravelingYogiBear


Jennifer H.

is an international yin + restorative yoga teacher who loves dancing, laughing, lunches, silly jokes and adventures. Her passion is to teach yin yoga and lead events in and around Seattle.

She is also a Life + Grief Coach. She helps you redefine your life after loss. Jenn helps women understand their loss, find clarity in their emotions, remind them that their is value in processing your emotions around loss while finding moments of joy in your new life.

Her intention is to help women use their inner strength to live a life that feels empowered + inspired by.

website :: Loss In Transition