Self care + the Glorification of Busy

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Hi Nourish Community!

Does this sound familiar?

Hey, how are you?

I am busy as usual, and my to do list is never ending.

Yeah, me too. I totally get it, I am busy this week too.

We live in a world of busy, and not being busy isn’t cool. It’s almost like we get glorification for working and hustling our days away. However, this idea of being busy  can create stress, anxiety and unhealthy coping strategies. For me, there is nothing glamorous about this. I used to be that person, that would wake up early, skip breakfast for a large latte and hit my work hard, sometimes without a break and then find time after work to socialize and head home exhausted to sleep and do it again the next day.

I now choose to move through my day with ease, however I do not believe in balance either. I think the idea of striving for balance is unrealistic and full of expectations we will never be able to meet. The fact is that there are times that work requires a lot of time, and I need to hunker down with laser focus concentration for a few hours, but then there are other times where I need to pay attention to me, my family and enjoy the company of friends.

I truly believe it’s the acknowledgement of where and how we place our energy throughout our day, that allows us to move away from the idea of busy to more of a state of mindfulness and living in the moment.

So, I offer this to you - instead of striving for balance, maybe tune in to the natural flow of your day, weeks and months.



Here are a few suggestions …

  1. Chunking your time so that you have blocks of time to focus on something that needs your attention, rather than scheduling an item every hour.

  2. Schedule a block / time for you. Yes, this sounds simple, but we don’t do it enough. If it’s in the schedule and you get a little reminder, you are more likely to take that walk or yoga class.

  3. Delegate. This can be hard if you like to control everything but imagine all the little things you really don’t need to be doing and the extra time you will have.

  4. Dump. When you feel overwhelmed and that sense of busyness starts to bubble, do a brain dump. Take a piece of paper and write down all your thoughts, so that you can move into more of a relax state, rather than trying to make sense of the overwhelm.

  5. Meditate. We are so lucky, for there are a lot of meditation videos, podcasts and apps that we can use for that 10 minutes of quiet. Yes, your brain will still swim in thoughts, but it’s taking that action of rest, of a break that helps our nervous system to move away from the idea of busy and overwhelm.

  6. Remove the word busy from your vocabulary. Instead of saying it, I invite you to connect with how you’re feeling and go from there.

As we become more mindful of the idea around busyness, we can create space for self-love, self-care and ultimately allow for healing.

Nourish Affirmation:

I fill myself up first and give from the overflow.


Would love to hear from you - please comment below, 

Jenn  xo

Life + Grief Coach and Co-founder of Nourish Yoga Retreats